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Montana Neurobehavioral Specialists Announces new Comprehensive Concussion Clinic

Montana Neurobehavioral Specialists in Missoula have opened a new Comprehensive Concussion Program, focusing on injuries sustained in organized sports, recreational sports, workers comp cases and general community incidents such as MVAs, falls, etc.

The program is targeted to assist medical facilities and providers such as emergency departments, urgent care facilities, physical therapists, coaches and athletic trainers as well as primary care providers with treating their injured clients.

It is also geared to help rural communities where access to care can be an issue.  Assistance includes information and education on concussions for not only patients but also their families, schools, employers.  They also offer training programs for coaches, school nurses and other staff interested in learning more about the management of concussions.

The program is run by board certified neurologists and experienced health care professionals with extensive experience in urgent/emergent care.  There is access to additional specialists as needed including physical therapy, neuropsychology, and orthopedics.  The program also includes the MNS clinic inButte.

For more information, call the MNS Concussion Clinic at 1/855-432-3465 (1-855-headinj) or to talk to the director, call 1/406/327-3383

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Journal After Brain Injury is a blog written by Barbara Stahura, who is a Certified Journal Facilitator. Stahura guides people with brain injury and family caregivers in using simple journaling techniques to release stress, improve their well-being, and cope with the realities of living with brain injury. Often, Stahura posts other caregiver & survivor stories. Stahura co-authored, along with Susan B. Schuster, the first journaling book for brain injury survivors: After Brain Injury: Telling Your Story. Stahura resides in Indiana with her husband, who is a brain injury survivor.

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