Life After Brain Injury

Keep Your Head Up!

In general, the more serious the brain injury, the more significant and permanent changes are likely to be.  Some people will recover remarkably following a serious injury, while others will experience permanent, debilitating changes after a mild injury.  These changes may cause issues with the person’s ability to return to their social, community or employment life as it was before the injury.

We often think that when the brain is injured, it can mend completely, like a broken arm. Unfortunately, brain cells do not regenerate like skin or bone cells.  Damage to brain cells is permanent. Bouncing back after an accident is a long process because damaged cells need to relearn how to do things while the brain uses undamaged cells to compensate.

The good thing is that with rehabilitation, there can be improvement. There are rehabilitation services and supports available throughout Montana, such as the Brain Injury Alliance of Montana.

Also, here is a great blog called: Journal After Brain Injury, a brain injury blog written by Barbara Stahura, a Certified Journal Facilitator.

To learn more about the Brain Injury Help Line (BIHL) click here.